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Mrs. Betty Jo Rasberry

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Dr. Bob Riley

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Ms. Lois Gardner


The purpose of this study has been {l) to appraise the existing literary reputation of George Ade and (2) to determine whether or not he has made a substantial contri­bution to national literature.

In the investigation the hypothesis assumed was that the humor which critics see in George Ade's work and the local color contribution which he made to national literature were of secondary importance to the author's personal in­tention to be a realist.

The presupposition which has been adopted is that George Ade endeavored to be one of the exponents of the realistic movement. He recreated with his works what per­haps might be described as an authentic expression of real­ism in American literature. Whether Ade did or did not accomplish the realism he set out to convey in his writings, he remains a minor figure in the American annals of litera­ture.



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