Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Dr. Ralph A. Phelps, Jr.

Second Advisor

Dr. Vester E. Wolbur

Third Advisor

Dr. Bob Riley


The social and ethical concepts laid down by the early Jewish Christians have proved to be profound guides for churches and individual Christians. The Epistle of James, which is representative of first century Jewish literature, deals with significant social and ethical values. These social and ethical values are the very heart of the message of the Epistle of James.

Consequently, these values become a practical guide to the layman, who is not trained in theology, in applying Christian principles in daily life relationships. The primary problem in this study was to determine the significant ethical values in the Epistle of James.

The author's purpose was to meet the needs of Jewish Christians of the Dispersion. These needs ranged from proper attitudes in the face of trials to praying for one another. In between these teachings he incorporates enough practical and ethical instruction to call early Jewish Christians and all subsequent believers to make their practice correspond to their faith.



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