Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

W. Francis McBeth

Second Advisor

Robert R. Bruner

Third Advisor

Alex R. Nisbet


In the repertoire of the modern percussionist, the number of compositions which are worthy of performance is very small. The reason for this lack of repertoire is that the percussion ensemble as a unit itself is a relatively new medium. To bring out the qualities of the percussion section, music must be produced that is specifically intended for the percussion instruments. The author set out to achieve this goal in his composition which is written for brass and percussion instruments.

This composition was influenced by jazz, rhythmically. The composition was influenced harmonically by devices used by contemporary composers. In form, the composition was influenced by the French overture. This composition is significant in that it was written specifically for brass and percussion instruments. It is a combination of the potentialities of both groups with neither group dominating the other. In the critical analysis of this composition, the formal, harmonic and rhythmic structure of the work is discussed.



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