Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Music Education (MME)



First Advisor

Dr. James T. Luck

Second Advisor

Dr. Bill Trantham


This study records a documented history of the Arkansas State Music Teachers Association from its inception in 1915 to the present. It also presents significant areas in which the Association has contributed to music throughout the state.

Major sources of data were letters of communication, convention programs, the Arkansas Music Teacher publication, memorandums in mimeographed form and personal interviews with past . officers of the Association.

This study has been organized into a chronological sequence of events which took place in the development of the Association, the program of annual conventions, significant contributions of the Association and a general summary of the work.

This study has revealed that the Association has aided in advancing the cause of music in Arkansas through certification and accreditation, through student contests and festivals, through student chapters and through the promotion of the concept that music should be provided for every child in every school in Arkansas.



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