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Dr. Paul Root

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Mr. Guy Nelson

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Mr. Jesse Nutt


Huey Pierce Long was one of the most flamboyant . and controversial political leaders of the early twentieth century. Elected Governor of Louisiana in 1928 on the platform "Every Man a King," Long soon became nationally known for his erratic and picturesque behavior as "the Kingfish."

The New York Times heralded the election of Huey Long as Governor of the Pelican State as the appearance of "a worthy competitor in the field of light political farce." Later, many persons realized. that the statement was not entirely accurate. What Louisiana received in Huey Long was highly political, but it was far from being light and farcical.

There were laughs, to be sure; Long did not "see any harm in lightening up the tragedy of politics" with his burlesque-show antics. Although he felt that "it cut both ways," he rationalized that even his critics "wouldn't have heard of Huey Long to stab at him if it hadn't been for the Kingfish and some tomfoolery."

As chief executive for the people of Louisiana, Long flouted the traditions of an ordinarily dignified office. His Excellency conducted affairs of state from his bedroom of his suite in Baton Roughe's Heidelberg Hotel; engaged in fisticuffs; and, although "not much of a singer," received "plenty of encores" as "The Singing Fool" at the Frolics cabaret in New Orleans' Vieux Carre.

Such conduct, however, failed to "break his power" and Long, as governor, initiated a legislative program which marked a significant departure from Jeffersonian traditions in the politics of Louisiana.

The purpose of this study was to show the relationship between representative legislation of the Long administration and certain social, economic, and political conditions existing in Louisiana at that time.



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