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Fred W. Litton of Prescott, Arkansas, was born February 26, 1896, to Charles H. and Lela W. Litton. He joined the Navy during World War I (WWI) and his service included about six months as an aerial machine gunner on a seaplane patroling the Atlantic for submarines. Litton died while training in Pensacola, Florida, when a blood vessel exploded in his head during a high-altitude flight. According to the Arkansas Gazette, Litton's entire hometown honored him following his death: "All Business Houses Closed at Prescott During Ensign's Funeral." The local papers stated that he "was of sterling character and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him." He was buried in De Ann Cemetery, Nevada County's largest cemetery. Litton's name was included on the War Memorial erected in Prescott, Arkansas, on November 5, 1950, by the American Legion and citizens of Nevada County.

This collection includes a Prescott High School football team picture, "1912-1914," as well as a "Bluejacket's Manual" and several World War I - era airplane mechanics manuals. Photographs and correspondence are also included. There are small Christian Science scripture and literature books as well.



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