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A QSL is generated when a first-time contact between two amateur radio operators (hams) or stations occurs. It is an acknowledgement of the listening and is usually the size of a postcard. Each card includes the call sign of its sender along with date and time of the call, equipment used to make the call, and any words or illustrations that describe the ham and his/her home. QSL means, "Do you confirm receipt of my transmission?" or "I confirm receipt of your transmission." Many hams collect the cards, which can also be exchanged electronically today. This was one of Lou Ann Locke's pastimes.

Lou Ann Locke was the former Director of Social Services for the Arkadelphia Human Development Center and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ouachita Baptist University. She was president of the Arkansas Sociological and Anthropology Association from 1984-1985. Locke co-authored "Rosemary, A Journey from East to West" with Rosemary Chu, which depicted a Chinese family migrating to the United States. Kenneth Locke, her husband, was a professor and counselor at Ouachita from 1975 to 1985. In 1985, they went to China under the auspices of Cooperative International, the Southern Baptist Organization that assists nations where missionaries do not work. They were the first Americans to teach in Mongolia.

This collection includes ham radio QSL calling cards gathered by Lou Ann Locke.



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