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Glenn Hinson was born in 1931 at St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up on a farm in the Missouri Ozarks near Sullivan. He earned a B. A. from Washington University; B.D. and Th.D. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D. at Oxford University, and has done research at the religious centers throughout the world. After teaching for more than thirty years at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Hinson retired in 1999. He continued to serve as Visiting Professor at Lexington Theological Seminary and Louisville (Presbyterian) Seminary, as well as Baptist Seminary of Kentucky.

Hinson, while Professor of Church History at Southern Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, wrote an update of J.S. Rogers' centennial "History of Arkansas Baptists" (1948) at the behest of the Arkansas State Baptist Convention. Hinson titled his book "A History of Baptists in Arkansas, 1818-1978."

These fourteen manuscripts were used by Hinson while writing his book on Arkansas Baptist history.



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