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There is a vital reason and purpose for taking the precious gift of time to discuss a fundraiser for the Pregnancy Resource Center. The Center is vital to the Clark County community, possibly even the communities surrounding it, and ultimately our world. But those who wish to brighten the future can, indeed, take an opportunity today to be a part of a hopeful mission.

The Pregnancy Resource Center in Arkadelphia has sought to alleviate these women’s fears of motherhood through what I believe is the only meaningful way. The Pregnancy Resource Center offers all women a chance to look at other ways to deal with unwanted pregnancy instead of abortion, such as offering them tools, encouragement, and concepts to equip them to raise their child, or giving them an opportunity to allow someone to adopt their child. In this organization men and women will find help in the midst of a scary time. Lately though, The Pregnancy Resource Center has been in need of funding. They are a non-profit organization, so all of their resources go to those who come seeking help. This is great, because clients coming in know that people are really volunteering and they are there to help, but if there is not enough money coming in to keep the doors open, these women will not have a place to go. This is why I am presenting an annual Ball for Life, where a community can come together to raise money for this cause.


Composition II