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The personal experience narratives which make up this book and its four sister parts were written as class assignments in five freshman Communications classes in late fall, 1954. The assignment followed the class reading of Philip Wylie’s “And What About Hurricanes” and Cecil Brown’s “Stand by for Torpedo,” in the text.

Each class section had, at the outset, selected an editor from its number. It was with these editors who worked out the “frame.” The five editors are Martha Sue Smart, Patsy Vaughn, Yvonne Taylor, Reeda Hardy, and Patsy Keller.

1954 class papers part 2.pdf (28781 kB)
Class papers part 2

1954 class papers part 3.pdf (28243 kB)
Class papers part 3

1954 class papers part 4.pdf (26746 kB)
Class papers part 4

1954 class papers part 5.pdf (31414 kB)
Class papers part 5



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