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College is supposed to be a unique experience, a chance for people to further their educational careers in hope of obtaining the best job possible. It isn’t for everybody, but for those brave and lucky enough to be able to attend college, it can benefit them for the rest of their lives. In today’s ever changing and developing world, it’s extremely difficult to have a comfortable life without having some level of higher learning. Although college is almost a necessity to have as a reference to prove to business owners and bosses that you’re worthy of the job, many obstacles come with the college experience. The increasing cost of college is a problem that all students face, and many who graduate are faced with an enormous school loan that will take years to pay back, if ever. For example, “The average amount of student loan approaching $30,000” (Bidwell). For transfer students, this amount can be much more, which causes a huge financial burden. Transfer students face many problems when they decide to transfer from one school to another. The fact that many of their credits don’t transfer with them makes graduating a harder feat to accomplish. The lack of credits transferring is a huge problem that students face, but by taking the proper steps before transferring, this problem can be avoided so that all of the classes previously taken will count towards graduation.


Composition II