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The “Freshman 15” is a term used by first year students at a college or university. It is the idea that students will increase in body weight by fifteen pounds during the first year. Although the concern of gaining fifteen pounds is exaggerated by media, the actual weight gained varies between each student. Weight gain at school could be affected by the number of home cooked meals before attending school, increased alcohol consumption, physical activity level, and body perception. A survey was created to pretest and posttest the participants on their basic nutrition knowledge and the concern of the “Freshman 15”. Twenty-three participants responded to this survey. Results were analyzed to determine whether or not classified freshmen are concerned about gaining weight and how the participants’ nutritional knowledge reflects the concern.


This paper and presentation was submitted as part of the Dietetics capstone course, Research in Dietetics (DIET 4092), taught by Dr. Detri Brech.

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