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Background College females experience much stress from a variety of areas in their lives. Often times this stress affects usual eating behaviors and may even lead to disordered eating habits.

Objectives To examine whether stress affects the eating habits of college females in this study and how their eating is affected. We assumed that stress would affect eating habits. We also examined how stress makes a person a feel and if that can influence or contribute to disordered eating habits.

Participants/setting Sixty-two women from Tri-Chi women’s social club at Ouachita Baptist University completed a questionnaire October 16, 2017. The participants ranged in age from 19-22.

Results The stress levels of these college females were assessed, and it was found that not only were they stressed, but their stress was affecting their usual eating habits. Physical appearance was important to this group of women. Many causes of stress were mutual and included family issues, school and social pressures.

Conclusion Stress often affects usual eating habits and may contribute to but not cause disordered eating behaviors.


This paper and presentation was presented as part of the capstone course Research in Dietetics (DIET 4092), taught by Dr. Detri Brech.

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