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Background Eating habits and source of meals may contribute to overall well-being. However, little data is available on the comparison between eating habits and source of meals in comparison to feelings of health.

Objective This study evaluates how eating habits and the main source of meals compares to feelings of health in participants.

Methods This study was conducted electronically through distributing an online questionnaire to faculty and staff at Ouachita Baptist University.

Statistical analysis The results were analyzed by the online questionnaire software and the researchers by comparing percentages of participants' answers. An average was also calculated for the different source of meals participants ate.

Results The majority (68%) of participants consumed home-cooked meals more frequently than any other type of meal. Most participants also consumed breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a few snacks daily. Based on these results, the majority of participants (78%) either felt good or excellent about their health.

Conclusion Frequency of eating and source of meals may contribute towards positive feelings of health in working adults. Further studies need to be conducted in order to validate this conclusion.


This paper and presentation was presented as part of the capstone course Research in Dietetics (DIET 4092), taught by Dr. Detri Brech.

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