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International students studying at universities in the United States are subject to experiencing dietary acculturation while adapting to American food and culture. Such changes in eating patterns and behaviors are difficult to prevent and can negatively affect weight and health status. In this study, international students at a small, private college in Southwest Arkansas completed a questionnaire to assess the difference between their intake at home and intake in America. The students were found to have made undesirable changes in their eating patterns, and perceived an American style diet to be unhealthy. Students indicated that since living in America, they had experienced dietary changes: increased consumption of desserts, soft drinks, and meats, decreased consumption of vegetables, eating larger portion sizes, and dining more frequently at restaurants. The international students were aware of the connection between diet and health, and therefore expressed concern about the effects of dietary changes on their weight and overall health.


This paper and presentation was submitted as part of the Dietetics capstone course, Research in Dietetics (DIET 4092), taught by Dr. Detri Brech.

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