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Howard College, small and Baptist, had moved from the Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Eastlake, where its campus had been since 1887, to another, Homewood, just south of Vulcan’s statue on Red Mountain, in 1957. The “new campus” on Lakeshore Drive, the school’s third home, adjoined what had been the state’s TB Sanatorium. As one turned into the Lakeshore Drive entrance, campus spread up the hill in Georgian architectural consistency. A small inner loop carried entrants to either the science building on the right (east) or the administration building on the left (west). A larger loop took one around campus outside the buildings that framed the central green space, or quad (a word we never used): going clockwise, the music building, two men’s dorms, the cafeteria, two women’s dorms, the Library, and the chapel complex. One men’s dorm (A) and the chapel anchored the west and east ends of the green space respectively, and the Library filled one’s vision on the north end as one entered. The campus flagpole rose just to the Library’s right front at the edge of the wide walkway that defined the quad.



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