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Though a Baptist preacher, Daddy never saw any conflict between his calling and the pleasures of field and stream. He loved to fish in the summer, but I think that hunting exerted the stronger pull on his affections. He quail hunted with those who had a dog, and shot deer when the opportunity arose. He had access to prime hunting land in Conecuh County, particularly the Horton Plantation. Later in life, after they moved to Montgomery, he would make shooting blinds from overseas shipping crates and put them up on the Plantation for deer hunting. He even bought a deer rifle with a scope. And he loved to hunt squirrel, either with a dog or by slipping through the woods. He’d shoot ’possum and raccoon, particularly ’possum, when he had the chance and give them to the colored women (as we called them in those days) who cleaned his squirrels when he didn’t do it himself. But his favorite hunting was dove and especially turkey.


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