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It came in the fullness of time, when everything was ready, but I can’t help wondering how Mary felt about the fullness of time. She had been given a choice by God, and she had said, in words echoed years later by her Son, “Thy will be done.” Nine months is a long time to be pregnant, and the newness wears off and the excitement fades. Morning sickness confirms that physical changes are taking place. Initial elation over the offer of special status, over her acceptance, and over what must have been Joseph’s kind words had given way to the routine of daily life. She had spent her first trimester with her cousin, Elizabeth, before returning home to live in the small village of Nazareth with her body giving increasing evidence of her special status. Her neighbors couldn’t have understood her condition or Joseph’s staunch support. She couldn’t have told them of her conversation with the angel; they would have stoned her for blasphemy. Imagine this child saying that God had chosen HER as His handmaiden, chosen HER to bear and mother the Messiah!



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