Last Week Tillie and Phoebe Shamed Mankind



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In a brief and edifyingly touching report, last week Huffington Post’s Hilary Hanson’s News Editor wrote a moving report about Tillie and Phoebe’s devotion to each other. An Irish setter, Tillie’s act of kindness and dedication to her basset hound friend, Phoebe, is a modern day parable worthy of emulation by a depraved humanity.

Basset hound Phoebe wandered off into the woods and fell into a neighboring shallow cistern from which she could not emerge. Trapped for a week, Phoebe’s companion would not desert her friend. According to Hanson, neighboring property owners saw the “reddish” Tillie repeatedly appear on the scene and then disappear back into the ravine. A week later someone reported these sightings to a local animal rescue center whereupon Phoebe, thanks only to the steadfast vigilance and loyalty of her friend, was saved.

This inspiring story and news about his Holiness Pope Francis’ visits to Cuba and America were the uplifting highlights of an otherwise sorrowful week during which a string of events unmasked some of the worst depraved xenophobic, bigoted, and apathetic actions of the week both abroad and at home.

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