Death and Idols in the Wisdom of Solomon


Christian Studies

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Spring 2016


This note considers the implications of the textual variant ‘qa/natov’ in Wis. 14:13-14. Whether ‘death’ serves as the explicit subject of v. 14 or as a given idea associated with ‘idols’, it makes the parallels between 14:10-14 and chs. 1-2 even more conspicuous and thereby underlines a pattern of thinking about creation and corruption that continues throughout Wisdom. Whereas in chs. 1-2, death entered by the hands of humanity and through the envy of the Devil, in 14:10-14, death entered by hand-made idols and through the conceit of evil people. The inclusion of the textual variant not only shows solidarity of thought but also clarity and expansion.

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Journal of Jewish Studies

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