Dear Barack Obama, Please Keep it at 3 for 3



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Anyone remember Barack Obama’s December 29, 2008 comment on the first Israeli Gaza carnage soon after he was elected in November of that year?

The heinous Gaza carnage was a parting gift by George Bush, the Butcher of Iraq, to his darling, Bibi Netanyahu, the thrice Butcher of Gaza.

During a December 2008 interview, soon after his election and right before he took office (and in the midst of Israel’s first 21stcentury brutally heinous war/assault on defenseless Gaza), Obama was asked what he would do to stop the Israeli carnage. His response was a terse: “there can only be one president at a time.” And ever since, when it comes to Israel’s wars on Palestinians and all their civil and social institutions, Mr. “Change we can believe in” has been Mr. Weasel par excellence. The Israeli assault on the largest open air 1.5 million Palestinian prisoners and Obama’s very lukewarm response in the early days of his presidency set the tone for his Near East policy and proved to be his modus operandi.

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