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They say you can't take it with you. Yet, at his untimely death, William McDowell Baker did just that. Bill took with him the list of Arkansas authors about which he had spoken with numbers of us over the previous several years. His passing deprived up forever of his judgement and of his answer to the question with which he had dealt--his choice of "one hundred notable books about, or from, Arkansas."

We had talked about Arkansas authors on several occasions, and Bill Mac (as Ouachitonians knew him) often said he had compiled a list of "an Arkansas hundred" from a "worthwhile" pool three times larger, and that he carried it around in his head. During the spring of 1985, our talk turned serious. Ouachita Baptist University's centennial and the state's sesquicentennial coincided, and we spoke of mounting a display in Riley Library of his Arkansas hundred. We discussed criteria several times, and planned an exhibit which was to stand in the library as the library's salute to both events.

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