Latin and Linguistics As the Gateway to Friendship and Poetry About Palestine



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What, but Serendipity, paved the way for launching a life-long friendship between a Helena, Montana academician, and a Gaza Palestinian foreign student? The chance encounter between Kevin Hadduck and Doaa Mohaisen, a hijabi-clad female student from Gaza, began in 2016. Hadduck states that “In the fall of 2016, a hijabi walked into my office, asking for help securing tutors for her linguistics and Latin classes. I found in Doaa a brilliant mind, a beautiful heart, and a playful spirit.”

Kevin Hadduck states that he and his wife, Linda, took Doaa “on road trips and hikes here in Montana, where the sparse population and enormous expanses of nearly empty land contrasted sharply with the desperately crowded and constrained Gaza Strip.” Further, Kevin highlights the irony: “I love this irony, that while I live in a huge, wide-open space in a wealthy country and you in such a small, cramped, and impoverished place, you have made my world so much larger and my heart so much richer.”

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