Four Days of Crimes in the Apartheid State



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While the US and Europe lecture the world about morality, human rights, and freedom, and while the Arab and Muslim nations are descending into an abyss of oppression, corruption, religious and sectarian violence, and the squandering of billions of dollars on armaments that enrich American and European coffers, like an anaconda, Israel, America and Europe’s darling, is systematically and brutally carrying on with its brutal systemic, constricting, and peristaltic policies of ruining the lives of millions of Palestinians and stealing their lands.

All this while Gulf Arab Sheiks continue to supinely sleep with Israel, buying its technology to spy on their own citizens so as to oppress them, and, while the senile and corrupt Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President-for-life, recently cleaned the shishme (shit house) on his visit to Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s house, Israel continues to execute its 79 year plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine of her indigenous population, to create an Apartheid system where Kristallnachts are a daily phenomenon orchestrated by the Israeli Army in cahoots with murderous Jewish settlers in daily orgies of targeted killings, house demolitions, land confiscations, check points, and the destruction of farm lands.

Ya Mahmoud, did you, on your way out of Benny’s house, polish his shoes and kiss his posterior to placate Anthony Blinken’s gift of paltry US dollars whose sole purpose is to maintain the status quo?

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