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The town of Graysonia in western Clark County once boasted of a population of about 1,000 people, but today, can no longer be found on area maps. The story of its rise and fall parallels that of many southern timber company towns which no longer exist.

Graysonia was established soon after William Grayson and Nelson McLeod became the principal stockholders in the Arkadelphia Lumber Company and renamed the company Grayson- McLeod Lumber Company. The company operated the sawmilling community of Daleville, located across the Ouachita River from Arkadelphia. By 1907, the company had depleted the timber supply in the Daleville area, and needed to make a change---either extend its railroad to transport timber to the mill, or move the entire operation to a new location, closer to other forest resources. They decided to move the mill, and chose a site on the west side of the Antoine River, in Township 7 South, Range 23 West. The new town was named for the company’s president.

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