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During the next year or so, much attention will be given to the centennial of World War I, which officially ended November 11, 1918, with the date becoming known as Armistice Day.

The conflict had a great impact on our nation as the first modern, global war. Approximately 65 million were mobilized, including over 70,000 soldiers from Arkansas. Many Clark Countians participated. In November of 1918, just after the war was over, Arkadelphia's Southern Standard newspaper reported these numbers: "Clark County has furnished 1064 men, divided among the several departments as follows: National Guard 71; Regular Army, 22; Enlisted Reserve, 33; National Army, 903; Navy and Marine Corps, 35. These figures do not include the volunteers who enlisted in the Students Army Training Corps, the officers who have been commissioned from civilian camps or civil life or those who enlisted in the army or navy prior to the declaration of war."

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