Let's Put the Trumped, Bannon-ized, Weinstein-ized Year Behind Us



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As soon as I as I hit the send button I shall garb myself in protective warm clothing, put on my garden boots, grab my trusted pitch fork and shovel, head to the new garden plot, distribute and even out the large compost pile, find an unfrozen spot in the rich sub leafy soil layer protected by the percolating leaves, dig the upper crust, and bury it.

This is my way of getting rid of the old and signaling to me that today is a new day in the 365 days’ cycle we call a calendar year.

I’ve been performing this New Year’s Day ritual for well over 40 years, a ritual that heralds new beginnings and an affirmation that the New Year is bound to be a better one.

And how eager I am to bury 2017 into the past, to never to see the damage it has done to the global community.

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