What's in a Name? An Invitation to CounterPunchers



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During the last two years I’ve noted that CounterPunch contributors have coined numerous colorful eponyms that’ve been ascribed to politicians, namely presidents, cabinet members, corrupt businessmen, and public figures. And it seems that Donald Trump’s penchant for name-calling is an affliction that has “grabbed ahold of him.” Rocket Man, Crooked Hillary, Fake News are just a few of these jejune utterances. Great Guy that Donald, Great Guy.

Because I have been intrigued by the plethora of creative CP nomenclatures that have popped up on my screen, I decided (upon reading CP contributor Paul Street’s fine essay (10/13/2017 Orange Thing: Should It Stay Or Should It Go?) and Jeffrey St. Clair’s equally fine essay (10/27/2017 Niger, Niger Burning Bright), to pen an essay on nomenclature in which I solicit all CP contributors and readers to participate in what I hope will be a compendium of original names for all the clowns posing as public officials. And that includes presidents, cabinet members, politicians of every stripe, media and entertainment persona, hypocritical religious leaders, failed policies, and other public personages whose words and actions might, at some future date, shed some light on current disquieting events of national and international import.

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