Poor, Poor Brock, the Standford Rapist



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What should have been a 16 year jail sentence for the heinous crime of malevolently raping an inebriated and unconscious coed adjacent to a dumpster behind a Stanford University fraternity house was reduced to a 6 month prison term that could, with good behavior, be shortened to 3 months. So ordered Judge Aoron Persky, himself a former Stanford U. athlete.

Even though testimonies demonstrated that the rape victim became aware of the assault only when she was led into the hospital examining room, the rape, as per defense attorneys, was consensual.

Some things never change. She was dressed provocatively; she was a willing partner; she did not object forcefully; she invited the assault; and ad infinitum have been the standard defense arguments. The victim is always at fault.

Poor Brock Turner! He’s having to spend six months in jail for “twenty minutes of action.”

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