Pulaski County Baptist Association

Pulaski County Baptist Association


Download 1916 Minutes of the First Annual Session (3.4 MB)

Download 1917 Minutes of the 2nd Annual Session (11.0 MB)

Download 1918 Minutes of the 3rd Annual Session (10.5 MB)

Download 1919 Minutes of the 4th Annual Session (2.8 MB)

Download 1920 Minutes of the 5th Annual Session (12.1 MB)

Download 1938 Minutes of the Twenty-Third Annual Session (2.6 MB)

Download 1943 Minutes of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Session (6.5 MB)

Download 1944 Minutes of the Twenty-Ninth Annual Session (9.0 MB)

Download 1945 Minutes of the Thirtieth Annual Session (7.0 MB)

Download 1946 Minutes of the Thirty-First Annual Session (7.0 MB)

Download 1947 Minutes of the Thrity-Second Annual Session (7.5 MB)

Download 1948 Minutes of the Thirty-Third Annual Session (3.4 MB)

Download 1950 Minutes of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Session (11.1 MB)

Download 1951 Minutes of the Thirty-Sixth Annual Session (11.7 MB)

Download 1952 Minutes of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Session (9.8 MB)

Download 1953 Minutes of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Session (7.2 MB)

Download 1954 Minutes of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Session (7.8 MB)

Download 1955 Minutes of the Fortieth Annual Session (7.2 MB)

Download 1956 Minutes of the Forty-First Annual Session (8.3 MB)

Download 1957 Minutes of the Forty-Second Annual Session (7.7 MB)

Download 1958 Minutes of the Forty-Third Annual Session (6.3 MB)

Download 1959 Minutes of the Forty-Fourth Annual Session (9.3 MB)

Download 1960 Minutes of the Forty-Fifth Annual Session (9.8 MB)

Download 1961 Minutes of the Forty-Sixth Annual Session (8.9 MB)


Pulaski County Baptist Association was organized at Little Rock Second Baptist Church in 1916 by Immanuel, First, Second, Third, Pulaski Heights, Wright Avenue, and Maple Street churches of Little Rock; First, Calvary, Levy, and Baring Cross of Argenta (now North Little Rock); and Jacksonville, Zion Hill, Pine Grove, and Ironton, from the surrounding area. M.J. Manning served as the first moderator, with E.J.A. McKinney as clerk.

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Pulaski County Baptist Association


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Pulaski County Baptist Association