Clear Creek Baptist Association


Clear Creek Baptist Association


Download 1882 Minutes of the 9th Annual Session (1.8 MB)

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Download 1910 Minutes of the 38th Annual Session (6.0 MB)

Download 1914 Minutes of the 42nd Annual Session (3.1 MB)

Download 1915 Minutes of the 43rd Annual Session (3.5 MB)

Download 1916 Minutes of the 44th Annual Session (2.3 MB)

Download 1917 Minutes of the 45th Annual Session (3.3 MB)

Download 1919 Minutes of the 47th Annual Session (4.4 MB)

Download 1920 Minutes of the 48th Annual Session (3.4 MB)


Clear Creek Baptist Association was organized in 1872 at Concord Baptist Church near Alma, and included five churches: Concord, Rehoboth (near Ozark), Sulphur Springs (near Van Buren), Shiloh (near Ozark), and Zoar (near Van Buren). Other churches to join the association in the 1870s and 1880s were Alma, Bethesda, Antioch, Coal Hill, Clarksville, New Prospect No. 2, Ozark, Van Buren, White Oak, Macedonia, Fine Springs, and Altus. At the time of the association’s fiftieth anniversary (1922) it included twenty-nine churches.

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Clear Creek Baptist Association


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Clear Creek Baptist Association