Bartholomew Baptist Association


Bartholomew Baptist Association


Download 1860 Minutes of the Annual Session (1.2 MB)

Download 1869 Minutes of the 30th Annual Session (1.9 MB)

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Download 1898 Minutes of the 48th Annual Session (5.4 MB)

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Download 1901 Minutes of the 51st Annual Session (6.3 MB)

Download 1906 Minutes of the 56th Annual Session (1.7 MB)

Download 1910 Minutes of the 60th Annual Session (2.2 MB)

Download 1914 Minutes of the 64th Annual Session (4.4 MB)

Download 1915 Minutes of the 65th Annual Session (4.1 MB)

Download 1920 Minutes of the 70th Annual Session (8.0 MB)


Bartholomew Baptist Association was organized in 1846 at a church four miles north of what is now the town of Monticello. Among the pioneer preachers were N.C. Denson, Benaiah Carroll (father of B.H. and J.M. Carroll), and John S. Wood. Carroll served as moderator of the association’s first session. By 1850, Bartholomew Association included ten churches; by 1895, forty-five; and by 1924, sixty-seven.

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Bartholomew Baptist Association


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Bartholomew Baptist Association