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Red River Baptist Association


Download 1867 Minutes of the 19th Annual Session (7.4 MB)

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Download 1917 Minutes of the 67th Annual Session (7.2 MB)

Download 1918 Minutes of the 68th Annual Session (5.6 MB)

Download 1916 Minutes of the 66th Annual Session (9.5 MB)

Download 1919 Minutes of the 68th Annual Session (1.6 MB)

Download 1920 Minutes of the 69th Annual Session (3.5 MB)


One of Arkansas’s oldest associations, the Red River Baptist Association was tentatively organized at Tulip, Dallas County, in September of 1847, and then permanently established in September of 1848 at the Mount Zion Church, near Washington in Hempstead County. Created by churches that had been a part of the Saline Association, the association’s first members were Mine Creek (now Nashville), Mount Zion, Pleasant Hill (Columbia County), Mount Bethel (Clark County), and Pleasant Hill (Clark County). Just four years after Red River Association’s organization, it had grown to include nineteen churches. Pioneer preachers included D.M. Cochran, M.L. Langley, G.W. Wells, John Gunter, D.S. Williams, Absalom Horn, Samuel Stevenson, and S.B. Cornelius. The Red River Association grew, and through the years numerous other associations have been established from within its original territory.

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Red River Baptist Association