Liberty Baptist Association


Liberty Baptist Association


Download 1858 Minutes of the 13th Annual Session (1.8 MB)

Download 1881 Minutes of the Annual Session (1.1 MB)

Download 1882 Minutes of the 37th Annual Session (948 KB)

Download 1883 Minutes of the 38th Annual Session (1.2 MB)

Download 1885 Minutes of the Annual Session (794 KB)

Download 1886 Minutes of the 41st Annual Session (1.2 MB)

Download 1887 Minutes of the 42nd Annual Session (1.0 MB)

Download 1888 Minutes of the 43rd Annual Session (1.2 MB)

Download 1892 Minutes of the 47th Annual Session (1.1 MB)

Download 1894 Minutes of the 49th Annual Session (1.5 MB)

Download 1896 Minutes of the 51st Annual Session (2.0 MB)

Download 1897 Minutes of the 52nd Annual Session (1.9 MB)

Download 1898 Minutes of the 53rd Annual Session (6.0 MB)

Download 1900 Minutes of the 55th Annual Session (1.9 MB)

Download 1901 Minutes of the 56th Annual Session (1.1 MB)

Download 1902 Minutes of the 57th Annual Session (2.4 MB)

Download 1903 Minutes of the 58th Annual Session (2.0 MB)

Download 1904 Minutes of the 59th Annual Session (2.4 MB)


Liberty Baptist Association was organized in 1845, primarily by churches that had previously belonged to the Saline Association. By 1850 there were at least twenty-four member churches. Among the association’s early leaders were Jesse Hartwell, S.T. Cobb, G. Norsworthy, T.H. Compere, John Aaron, Porter Clay (brother of Henry Clay), George Everett, and R.A. Hargis.

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Liberty Baptist Association


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Liberty Baptist Association