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Concord Baptist Association


Download 1872 Minutes of the 2nd Annual Session (6.1 MB)

Download 1873 Minutes of the 3rd Annual Session (6.7 MB)

Download 1876 Minutes of the Annual Session (3.4 MB)

Download 1877 Minutes of the 7th Annual Session (3.9 MB)

Download 1878 Minutes of the 8th Annual Session (3.0 MB)

Download 1879 Minutes of the 9th Annual Session (4.0 MB)

Download 1880 Minutes of the Annual Session (3.0 MB)

Download 1882 Minutes of the 12th Annual Session (3.1 MB)

Download 1886 Minutes of the 16th Annual Session (2.2 MB)

Download 1887 Minutes of the 17th Annual Session (3.0 MB)

Download 1888 Minutes of the 18th Annual Session (4.2 MB)

Download 1889 Minutes of the 19th Annual Session (3.3 MB)

Download 1890 Minutes of the 20th Annual Session (5.1 MB)

Download 1891 Minutes of the 21st Annual Session (6.5 MB)

Download 1892 Minutes of the 22nd Annual Session (5.2 MB)

Download 1893 Minutes of the 23rd Annual Session (4.4 MB)

Download 1894 Minutes of the 24th Annual Session (4.7 MB)

Download 1896 Minutes of the 26th Annual Session (6.8 MB)

Download 1897 Minutes of the 27th Annual Session (1.5 MB)

Download 1898 Minutes of the 28th Annual Session (6.0 MB)

Download 1900 Minutes of the 30th Annual Session (8.3 MB)

Download 1902 Minutes of the 32nd Annual Session (6.3 MB)

Download 1904 Minutes of the 34th Annual Session (2.0 MB)

Download 1905 Minutes of the 35th Annual Session (2.1 MB)

Download 1907 Minutes of the 37th Annual Session (2.4 MB)

Download 1915 Minutes of the 45th Annual Session (2.4 MB)

Download 1915 Minutes of the 46th Annual Session (1.4 MB)

Download 1918 Minutes of the 48th Annual Session (1.5 MB)

Download 1920 Minutes of the 50th Annual Session (1.5 MB)


Concord Baptist Association was organized in 1870 by churches previously a part of Dardanelle Association: Cedar Grove, Fellowship, Charleston, Greenwood, Sulphur Springs, Grand Prairie, Pine Mountain, Mt. Hope, Oak Bower, Union No. 3, Hepzibah, and Lee's Creek. The organization grew, and almost ten years later, the association was divided. The new south division was called "South Concord Association" until 1891, when it was changed to "Buckner Association." By 1900 Concord Association included twenty-eight member churches; and in 1921, thirty-nine.

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Concord Baptist Association


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Concord Baptist Association